Company Profile

Company NameToushou Trading Co., Ltd
1317-7-202 Mukai Shinjo-cho, Toyama-city, Toyama
TEL 076-464-6568
FAX 076-464-6595
RepresentativeKoyama Sayako
Capital10,000,000yen (as of Oct., 2019)
Major Clients(Japan) Adachi Shoji, Toyama Airport Terminal Co.,Ltd.
(Overseas) Dihon Pharmaceutical Group(China)
Bank of AccountHokuriku Bank, Shinjo Branch

Message from the president

Our company, Toushou Trading Co., Ltd, “Toushou / 東昇” stands for rising sun from East. It expresses our passion to keep on growing together with our customers. Having always been impressed by Japanese technology and safety, I decided to start my own company to spread them to the world and to introduce overseas high quality goods to Japan. We are willing to hear you, find out what you need and assist you to lead happy lives. ​
Koyama Sayako